High school in a whole new light.


Led by Sensei Jay Toyofuku, PBA, despite its young age, boasts the most comprehensive high school Taiko program in Hawaii. Students start off in Beginning Taiko and, in the process of learning how to play the instrument, they are taught the history and etiquette of this ancient art form as well the basic vernacular used by drummers. They then move on to Performance Taiko, where they plan, organize, choreograph, and play concerts in venues across the state. Students in the program ultimately become self-disciplined, physically fit, and mature into some of the most visible ambassadors for the school. As these individuals become increasingly knowledgeable in their craft, they absorb meaningful life lessons in the process. With each beat of the drum, they forget about their daily routines, and, as Toyofuku Sensei says, embrace “the happiness and delight in life that comes from an appreciation of each moment.”

To request a Taiko performance, please complete a Taiko Request Form and send it to the Director of Advancement at Rudiger.Ruckmann@pbahi.org.


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