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Japan Sister Schools

PBA is an active member of the Ryukoku Sogo Gakuen (RSG), a federation of 26 Shin Buddhist schools, of which PBA is the only non-Japanese member. PBA has sister school arrangements with a number of the RSG schools, notably Heian High School in Kyoto, Keiai Senior High School in Kyushu, Soai Gakuen Senior High School, and Chikushi Girls' College High School in Kyushu.

PBA students at the 2015 RSG Religious Seminar.

The sister school relationships offer PBA students numerous benefits. PBA students can apply for six-week exchanges to Heian High School and Keiai Senior High School. A contingent of PBA students travels each August to the RSG Religious Seminar in Kyoto, an RSG-sponsored camp that gives interested students the opportunity to learn more about the dharma, or Buddhist teachings, and to meet high school students from across Japan.

Japanese students from the sister schools also come for study at PBA. They participate in short-term ELL camps in the summer and longer-term study during the academic year. Large student groups from the sister schools visit PBA during the school year for performance exchanges and fellowship. 

These exchanges give PBA students opportunities to deepen their Japanese language study, to learn more about Japanese history and Buddhist teachings, and perhaps most importantly, to practice cross-cultural communication and fellowship. PBA students applying for exchange express a range of hopes for their study abroad experiences: to push beyond their comfort zones, to learn more about their heritage, for fun and adventure, and to practice peace in a foreign land. 

PBA intends to deepen and expand its relationships across the RSG so that students might benefit from study across Japan, and to design collaborative learning experiences that take advantage of the tele-presence capabilities that will exist in its new classroom facility. These opportunities for international learning develop our students' courage, intercultural communication and understanding, and the opportunity to build bridges of peace across the world.