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Advisory Program

The role of the advisory system at Pacific Buddhist Academy is to create a strong sense of community in which each individual student is cared for by a faculty advocate.

PBA's advisers guide students towards better academic, social, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing.  

Velasco's advisory at the 2014 School Camp.

Advisories meet on a weekly basis and reflect on various aspects of high school life, current events, social issues and upcoming events. They also participate in team building activities, such as beach clean-ups, paintball challenges, shave ice socials and contests of courage and endurance with other advisories. Beyond weekly meetings, advisors are available and in regular contact with each individual advisee about any personal (academic, social, emotional and spiritual) issues they may face, or any other matters that need to be celebrated/recognized. The advisory system also creates a forum for students to communicate with the school’s faculty and administration in a safe and confidential environment.