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College Counseling

College and Career Readiness

PBA’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for college, the working world, and engaged citizenship. Exploration of higher education is encouraged from the 9th grade year and life skills courses prepare students to live independently. Prior to graduation, all students must complete an internship project related to their field of study. This internship requires students to develop a working resumé, cover letter, and go through a mock interview process. In addition, students must complete accurate timesheets and be evaluated by a supervisor. This internship simulation tests students job readiness skills and provides a glimpse of what the future holds.

College and Career Counseling

Preparing for life after high school can a frustrating and confusing experience, but PBA's college and career counselor is available to support each student from the moment students enter the school. The ultimate goal of the college and career counseling program is to find the right fit for each individual. To ensure this, a personalized approach is provided and tailored to meet the needs of every student. As a result, what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming endeavor to teenagers becomes a collective process designed to nurture and encourage each student.