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The Attack of Senioritis

Thursday, February 22, 2018

It is February of 2018 and I, Shala McKee, am dying.

The last few brain cells I had left have been sucked into the vortex created by statistics and the distinct brand of confusion that comes from trying to understand the social sciences. This is all courtesy of Steve (don’t worry I’m a senior so I’m allowed to call him that) who is notorious for making seniors question whether or not they really need a high school diploma to carry out their adult lives.

After a grueling six weeks of struggling to understand basic math -- much less statistics -- and delving into the complicated world of the social sciences, my brain is completely fried. Of course I’m not implying the class wasn’t beneficial, I just want to make it known that it wrecked complete havoc within my brain.

Me during the last week of Steve’s class, trying to decide if
  I really need a high school diploma. Photo by: Kano Hashimoto.

Now that my class and I are free and, hopefully, allowed to graduate, we are faced with the sluggish feelings that develop within the last few months at PBA.

Traditionally, after the seniors are released from the confines of stats/science they spend the rest of their time at PBA in a life skills class with Otake sensei. This course is known to be relaxing and features things like cooking and teach-ins, but this is not a luxury the class of 2018 is privy to.

The Otake family is welcoming a new baby this year which means all hands on deck, this is only fair because babies are a lot. Subsequently, Otake cannot be here to teach the first cycle of his life skills class, leaving the fate of the seniors in the hands of the one and only, Joe Udell.

He has decided to get the seniors immersed with the outside world in the form of current events. Every morning we hold a socratic-like seminar, mostly student led, and then work on whatever small project Mr. Udell has assigned to us. This week’s extended project is podcasts with a group and topic of our choice.

At first, I thought the class would be easy, because, let’s face it, it’s not hard to have an opinion on all of the things currently happening within the world. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. It’s not that forming an opinion is difficult -- anyone who has known me for five minutes can tell you that -- but gaining the willpower to voice those opinions in a coherent manner is proving to be a challenge.

Depending on who you ask, I’ve never been a loudmouth in class or during the discussions that take place there, but I’ve always been involved. Nowadays, you’re lucky if my eyebrow twitches during the course of a discussion. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s just that I truly, honestly, am lacking the brain power needed to contribute.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think a current events class is a fantastic way to prepare us for college but tell me, honestly, would you rather cook and go to the beach or learn about the utter dystopia our world is headed for?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

As it has only been a week since I left the world of statistics, I cannot be sure whether this damage is long lasting, but for the sake of my future, I hope it isn’t. Hopefully, I will be able to gain back at least half of my brain cells so that I can finish out the year with a bang. A bang is ideal, but I will be overjoyed if I can at least go out with an audible pop.

Please wish me luck because, as you can see, I’m going to need it.