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Basketball, My Job as a Referee

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dressed in stripes of black and white, the ball in my hands ready to throw  up, my hand twitches in nervousness and excitement. I smile at the other official. The buzzer buzzes to get the teams on the court. One red, the other white. I signal to start the game by throwing the ball high and the ball is hit. I quickly get into position and the race to score has begun. Running to the baseline, I look at the players who quickly come down the court. One dribbling down the court with an easy pace, the other playing tight defense and making sure that the dribbler doesn’t get past her. I hear a whistle and I look at the official or the trail as he’s called. He calls a common foul on the girl who just played tight defense. She stands up from her defense position with a huff and sneer.

I merely take note on that and hear another whistle. Apparently the coach for white wanted a time-out. The girls run to the coach with expectations and with eagerness. Just then, my partner comes over and we chat about what we're going to do next. The first horn buzzes to let the girls know that they need to be on the court. Then the second horn buzzes. The ball is passed to me and I make it to the sideline. I blow the whistle to start the game and the ball is inbounded. I quickly get in position which is close to the free throw line. The ball has been shot, leaving the white team to inbound the ball and get the show on the road. The coach for the red yells to the girls to get the ball up the floor. I quickly run down and get to the baseline. I watch the play unfold where the post sizes up and the ball is passed to her. I quickly look for any type of physical altercations (hits, blocks, holds etc.). So far, none has happened. Then I see a girl in white, chucking the girl in red. I quickly blow my whistle and call a foul.

Sage Hottendorf (#20) poses for a picture after a Priory Pride playoff victory. 

I explain to the scoreboard that the girl in white pushed the girl in red. I go to the spot where my partner is, which is on the elbow extended and nod to my partner to resume the game. The ball is given to the girl in red who is eagerly waiting for the ball so that she can inbound the ball to the open person. I watch the girl get the ball and square up for a three-point shot. SWISH! The ball falls in with a swish.

I hold up my hands like a touchdown to indicate that she made a three-pointer. The crowd roaring with cheers, the coach yelling at the players to play better defense. The girls in white quickly run up the court. The first quarter horn soon blows and it is off to the races. All ten girls race to their positions. The ball is inbounded with quickness and decisiveness. Shot by shot the time comes down to thirty seconds. “Last shot,” the coach yells. Ticking 10,9,8,7...the red jersey girl stops and shoots. *Clank* it hits the backboard.

Now, it is halftime…………coming out on the two-minute mark I quickly get into position for the last two quarters. The game starts with the white team getting into their defense and their defense consists of a 2-3 zone. A zone used to pack inside the paint. The red team quickly passes the ball and a layup is made. The ball is inbounded quickly to the white team and off they go.

They try shooting a three-pointer but it ends up being a brick. The white team grabs the rebound and puts up a second shot. The shot goes in. The red team grabs the ball and inbounds it. They quickly get up the floor and run their offense. The clock is at two minutes. The girl quickly spins around and shoots it. The clock dwindles down to fifty seconds, then thirty seconds..ten seconds and BZZZ the quarter has ended. The teams go to the benches, one being excited, the other being distraught. The buzzer buzzes and the last quarter has begun. The fans roar with happiness. Both teams do not want to go down without a fight.

The red team inbounds the ball and the game has started. The red team quickly run their offense. The crowd roared with cheering and happiness to the point it is overbearing. They drive to the basket with the intention to win. The girl jumps and tries blocking the ball from making it to the basket. The ball goes in and the coach yells at the girl to stay down.

The time comes down to four minutes… three minutes . . . it is getting louder and louder and soon enough to one minute. The ball is inbounded and the time is ticking down. The girl quickly moves up the floor and takes a three pointer, the ball hits the backboard and pops out of the basket.  The game is finished and the team in white is mortified. They say their congrats and are in tears.