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Home Blake's (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles -- Puzzle I: Changes

Blake's (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles -- Puzzle I: Changes

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hey, it’s Blake here. I’m a junior writing for the Karma Chronicle, and you know what the Karma Chronicle lacks? Puzzles. So, starting today, it’s time for a new feature: Blake’s (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles.

Each puzzle will cover many topics. You don’t need to be a brainiac to solve these (I’m not), but they won’t be easy! You can use many resources to solve these, like the internet! The riddles will also be connected by a story, so it adds some continuity.

A few notes on how these puzzles work. These puzzles do not come with instructions, so you may get lost. Each puzzle will have three hints, each ranging from a push in the right direction, to a near giveaway of the answer. When the next puzzle is posted, the previous one’s solution with an explanation will be revealed. So, now with little further ado, the first puzzle, in honor of our new school building: Changes! Have fun, and good luck!

The puzzle begins here:


They’re coming.

Big changes are happening at Pacific Buddhist Academy. One moment, you’re in a former dormitory… the next moment, you’ll be on a bigger campus. You look at the new school building with awe and excitement. Even though it’s not complete, it looks amazing, and you cannot wait to step inside it for the first time. However, that won't be for a little while, so might as well just head back to class.

Just when you’re about to walk back to class, you start to see some words … What are they? Are they some poem? You stare at them for a while…





Hint 1: Why don’t you look up the info you need?

Hint 2: This is just the START, so get SMART!

Hint 3: The words in quotation marks each represent a word
that only differs by one letter from the word not in
quotation marks. The answer is 5 letters long.