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Home Blake's (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles -- Puzzle IV: Expansions

Blake's (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles -- Puzzle IV: Expansions

Thursday, September 7, 2017


What a terrible song… however, you swear, there was a good reason you were listening to that junk. Anyway, time to start heading to your electives. You take another look at that school building, and… wow… more words.

“This looks familiar,” you say to yourself. You know what to do.

BLAKE’S NOTE: The answer is two words


Hint 1:
Don’t be fooled. This isn’t “Changes” all over again… but you can solve it in a similar way!


Hint 2:

“I want to BAN this puzzle! It’s really the BANE of my existence!”


Hint 3:
Each of the words described in quotation marks have a difference of one letter in length. The second word can be formed by adding a letter to the first word.


Extra Hint (because you're special): This is happening!





Puzzle III is all about listening. Before the song, by the legendary Paul Schmaltz…





”Kekkonshite kudasai!”


Hang on.


“Paul Schmaltz jya nai. Yame nasai! Damare! Uhh… doko ka ni itte!”

Sorry, Paul’s apparently a big celebrity… in Japan. Had to shoo those Japanese fangirls. I don’t see why he’s famous… he’s a terrible singer...

Anyway, you were told to listen for a specific type of sound. That sound plays under certain words of the song.

Those words are:

Girl, Heart, Ignore, Night, You, And, Listen

Then you fill in these words in the blanks. After you fill the blanks, read the letters in the red blanks, from top to bottom. Refer to the image below for a completely solved set of blanks. For your convenience, I wrote the letters that form the answer in red.

Therefore the answer is: “gratitude,” like what the teachers and students at Pacific Buddhist Academy would like to show to the people that are building, and the people that helped contribute funds or support towards the new school building.

I know it sounds cheesy, but that was a surprisingly fitting answer I just kinda chose at random.