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Home B(so)PP II -- Delta: Events (Hard, 2 Hints + 5 Hints)

B(so)PP II -- Delta: Events (Hard, 2 Hints + 5 Hints)

Monday, May 7, 2018

You look behind you. It looks like she walked away. After staring at the sheet music for a while, you look around in the piano room. In the corner, you see a wooden chest. Inside the chest is an old piece of paper.

It looks like it’s a stack of pages from a diary. You begin to read… however, you soon discover that you can’t turn the first page. It feels heavy and sticky. The pages seem to be stuck together, maybe being sealed by some magical lock. The magical lock waits for a magical word to be said. You know the word is very short… but you don’t know the word. Maybe something on the first page is telling you what it is, so you look carefully…

When you’re ready, turn the page and say the word… (make sure you type the word in all lowercase letters)

The 2 “A” hints are for the “first page”. The 5 “B” hints are for the “second page”.

Hint A1:

Tokyo, Honolulu, Beijing.

Hint A2:

There must be a different type of way to write something…

Hint B1:

Again, look carefully.

Hint B2:

Answer everything, and take note of the numbers.

Hint B3:
Link what you find to the things on the bottom.

Hint B4:

If Hint B1 helped you see something, just remember that order matters.

Hint B5:

(Total amount; which one, etc.) Make sure you ignore spaces.