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Home B(so)PP II - Epsilon: Beloved Daughter (Medium, 2 Hints)

B(so)PP II - Epsilon: Beloved Daughter (Medium, 2 Hints)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Note: After a long hiatus, the puzzles have returned… Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’ve been very busy. Let’s continue with the story...

You walk out of the room. In the hallway, you run into her again.

“How’s it going?” she says.

“Not bad, you know…”

You show her the mysterious pages you found.

“I found this… it’s very interesting.”

She smiles, as if she’s impressed.

“Wow, you’re good.”

She starts reading it. As she continues reading, however, her smile starts turning into a frown.



“It can’t be…”

“What do you mean?”

“Where did you find this?!”

“In the… umm… hallway?”

She stares at you, her voice getting angrier, her eyes starting to fill with tears.

“What were you doing?!”

“I was just going to…”

She starts to break down.

“YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS!”, she shouts through tears.

“Well, I’m very sorry…”

“You just don’t understand…”

“She’s gone…!”


“He’s gone…!”



Suddenly, it’s quiet.

“Everyone… everything… gone.”

Her voice starts to shake.

“I want to go home…”

She can’t speak anymore. She runs away, sobbing hysterically. On her way out, she drops something, a charm of sorts. You pick it up and inspect it.

When you do, a slip of paper falls out of the charm…

You hear a distant voice call you…

You answer… (answer in lowercase letters)

Hint 1:

Even though you’re far apart… I can still hear you...

Hint 2:

How would I (CH1)?