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Home B(so)PP II -- Gamma: Missed Melody (Moderately Hard, 5 Hints)

B(so)PP II -- Gamma: Missed Melody (Moderately Hard, 5 Hints)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

“Follow me,” she says.

You follow her out of the room and down a long stairway.

She leads you to a dark room, only illuminated by the light from a few windows. All that’s inside it is a dusty piano. On the rack of the piano is a piece of sheet music. It’s quite unusual. The “piece” is only a few measures long.

You begin to play the piece. Just as you expected, it sounds weird, like it was unfinished. You can’t help but notice that something isn’t right…

She walks up to you.

“Two words,” she says.

You look up at the sheet music once again.

Hint 1

Do you know how this works?

Hint 2

The last one doesn’t exist.

Hint 3

Sometimes two with the same sound can mean completely different things.

Hint 4

Think about the time signature… why was it chosen?

Hint 5

Something doesn’t mean what you think it means...