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PBA students assist with a mural project at Cathedral Catholic Academy.

PBA’s student-centered curriculum is based on universal values like compassion, gratitude and interdependence. With a low student-teacher ratio, teachers build deep relationships with students, challenging them to think independently by going beyond textbook, lecture and classroom. PBA augments its superior academic training by integrating spiritual and ethical development through classes such as taiko and kendo. We view our students as equals and ask they work with us to forge an intentional community. We encourage students to use PBA as a foundation upon which they can chart pathways to peace.

We reinforce this invitation to students – to awaken to the truth that communities are made things, composed of what we think, say, do, and how we interact – in ways both conceptual and practical, small and large. All members of the school participate in maintaining the facility. We work together and we clean together. This activity is an expression of gratitude for the facility that supports our learning.

We also want students to understand that they participate in a larger island community composed of neighborhoods, ahupua‘a, subcultures, and other communities. A key educational goal is for our students to participate actively in these communities, and we work to forge partnerships with organizations to broaden the learning opportunities for our students.