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Home COVID-19 Pandemic: Situation Updates and Resources

COVID-19 Pandemic: Situation Updates and Resources

Distance Learning Effective March 30 - April 30 

PBA Community, 

These are challenging times that call upon us to seek help and to give help. At PBA, we emphasize dana, or selfless giving. But selfless giving also requires an understanding of who needs what and the best ways to give.  PBA has worked to respond expeditiously and effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the while keeping our school's educational, spiritual and community-facing mission at the forefront. Our Distance Learning Plan will continue through April 30 with the hopes the school will return to campus in May. 

Please stay healthy. Heed the advice and requirements decided upon by our government and public health leaders. Practice gratitude for our health care workers. Understand that, right now, social distancing is the means of showing compassion, but that expressing care and tending to others can take so many creative forms, as we see in so many places.

Until then, warmly
Josh Hernandez Morse
Head of School 

Cancelled Events & Postponements
  • Senior Banquet: postponed indefinitely

  • Taiko Festival: postponed tentatively to May 17

    • ​For questions regarding tickets/sponsorships please email Rudiger Ruckmann.

  • Baccalaureate and Commencement: postponed tentatively to May 28 / May 29, respectively

  • Student Admission Visits & Tours: Postponed until May 1 

Use of PBA Facilities

All planned uses of PBA facilities by partner organizations and groups have been canceled until further notice.

All members of the PBA sangha are requested to avoid coming to PBA facilities in person.

Administrators, who are working on a continuing basis through the Spring Holiday, are working remotely. At least one PBA administrator will report to work in the Main Office. Office hours are between 8a.m. – 12p.m. We are sanitizing the Main Office workspace and facilities contact points daily and have begun a deep clean of all our facilities that will continue through the remainder of the Spring Holiday.

We will make provisions for PBA teachers to use PBA facilities for purposes of distance learning, where necessary, in a planned fashion, and follow reasonable health and safety precautions to safeguard the health and welfare of our administrative and educator corps.

We request that families, students and supporters make appointments by phone or email before coming to campus. Please call (808) 532-2649 to notify personnel you would like to come.

Distance Learning Plan


Distance learning will begin for the school PBA students on Monday, March 30. We will begin, as is our custom, with a Monday Morning Assembly broadcast to the entire student body at 8:30 a.m. The Head of School will periodically send email updates to parents and faculty/staff apprising them of any pertinent information. As with the decision to close campus, the decision to reopen school for regular classes will be made in close consultation with the school’s Board of Trustees and state authorities.


Opportunities To Help