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Board of Trustee Directory

Board of Trustees Officers

Christopher S. Lee's picture
Christopher S. Lee
Board Treasurer
Vice President of Farm Development, Pono Pacific
Lisa Leong's picture
Lisa Leong
Board Secretary
Producer, Hawaiʻi Leadership Forum
Patricia N. Liu's picture
Patricia N. Liu
Board Vice Chair
Retired Director of Admissions, Iolani School
Leigh-Ann Miyasato's picture
Leigh-Ann Miyasato
Board Chair
Vice President, Administration & General Counsel, KinetiCor


Reverend Toyokazu Hagio's picture
Reverend Toyokazu Hagio
Head Minister, Honpa Hongwanji Hawaii Betsuin
Josh Hernandez Morse's picture
Josh Hernandez Morse
Head of School
Charles M. Hirata's picture
Charles M. Hirata
Retired Captain, Maui Police Department
Susan Lampe's picture
Susan Lampe
Non-profit fundraising consultant
Dr. Dexter Mar's picture
Dr. Dexter Mar
Director of Clinical Pharmacy, ‘Ohana Health Plan
Bishop Eric Matsumoto's picture
Bishop Eric Matsumoto
Bishop, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii
Alton Miyamoto's picture
Alton Miyamoto
Retired CEO of Kaua‘i Island Utility Cooperative
Stephen Nash's picture
Stephen Nash
Architect, NASH Architectural Solutions
Eugene Nishimura's picture
Eugene Nishimura
Owner and General Manager, Hokulani Kigyo, LLC dba Professional Commercial Services
David Randall's picture
David Randall
Head of School, Hongwanji Mission School
Pieper Toyama's picture
Pieper Toyama
President, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii
Head of School Emeritus, Pacific Buddhist Academy

Honorary Trustees

Puanani Burgess's picture
Puanani Burgess
Honorary Trustee
Native Hawaiian community building facilitator
Dr. Janet Ishikawa-Fullmer's picture
Dr. Janet Ishikawa-Fullmer
Honorary Trustee
Retired clinical psychologist
Tomio Moriguchi's picture
Tomio Moriguchi
Honorary Trustee
CEO, Chairman of the Board, Uwajimaya, Inc.
Dr. Margaret Y. Oda's picture
Dr. Margaret Y. Oda
Honorary Trustee (In Memoriam)
Retired Hawai‘i Department of Education administrator and former Kaiser High School principal