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Don't Forget Your Deadlines

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Papers and more papers to do. Everyone has to do their job in life. But how do we live with all these exact dates until they're due? Well there are deadlines for all of that.

I like to think of these deadlines as a timeline for my daily life. Deadlines are not just for papers, projects, and stuff. It could be the times you go to school on time. It could be when you go to bed. So I guess you could say it’s your own schedule of your daily routine.

A PBA student works diligently against a deadline.

As science instructor Van Velasco says, “The importance and purpose of a deadline is to teach you how to be on time and show that you are ready, it’s basically independence, but it also teaches independence for your future.”

But sometimes if you miss your deadline it’s okay. According to sophomore Alex Harman, “People need to understand sometimes work takes time. If you’re showing that you are late, sometimes there are extensions because people know it takes time to accomplish things.”

So deadlines help me to be a better person in life, to keep myself organized, and to show I’m always ready for what’s coming next. Deadlines will always be a part of everyday life because it is everywhere.

I always want to travel but there are specific times I need to get to my ride, like trains, ships, planes, and also taxis or buses. But there are also important moments that you don’t want to miss, like a huge job interview or presentation for a company, or when one of the most important people in your life gets hurt and you need to be there for them always. If you do miss your deadlines for these kinds of situations you will regret it for the rest of your life.

So don’t miss your deadlines even for the smallest things. But if you do miss them, just remember it’s hard to keep everything on time, just do your best to be there most of the time.