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The Feeling of a Convention

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Who are all these people in wigs and costumes that seem to miss Halloween by months? Maybe even a year? What is so grand about making weapons or selling drawings of their favorite characters? Or, bartering with people? Well my friend, that’s the aspect of conventions. Welcome to an anime/comic convention.

Anime/comic conventions are formally what the public would say is a "nerdfest." The air of the convention fills the lungs and swells the hearts of many convention goers. The cosplay fills the hearts of those who can relate, the people who are afraid to show their skills and cosplays. I know what you’re asking, no that’s not their costumes for a late Halloween party.

Cosplayers work all year-round for the moment where they can show off their skills and cosplay. The ticket lines are long and narrow and filled with excited con-goers and cosplayers that are out of this world. New and older people coming from the mainland, Maui, and the Big Island, oh my!

So...what is the reason for going to conventions? Why do people go to conventions? Conventions are a way to express your inner nerd, inner fan, inner being. Seriously though, you should go, it’s fun!

There are many things to do at the convention -- you can buy and look at art at the Artist Alley, make deals and barter at the Dealer’s room, question a character (more like interrogating) at the panels located on the second floor of the Hawaii Convention Center, you can also chill and hang out amongst the crowd.

Sometimes, there’s a videogame room for those who want to chill and rock out to Guitar Hero or play against people at Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The gaming room is intense and loud with eager cosplayers coming and going to find friends that want to battle.

There are vendors and water dispensers for those who are thirsty and need to rejuvenize themselves.  Many people go get lunch over there, or go out to eat, primarily at 7-Eleven or Ala Moana, where it’s cheaper and better tasting than the convention food.

Meeting your friends is the most fun moment of the whole convention. Once you find your friends, you end up doing everything with them -- eating, getting signatures, etc. After all, what’s the use of going somewhere without your best peeps?