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Have Confidence in Yourself

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Stop overthinking.

Everyone has a goal in their mind that they want to do every day. Some succeed because of how committed they are to doing everything they can do to get to their goal.

According to junior YM Foo, even the simple act of trying can lead to great things.

Sebastian Wind confidently gets ready to go to class. 

“It’s better to try new things because it gives us a chance to have new experiences even if they’re bad,” he said. “Trying your best and being not successful is way better than not doing anything at all because it shows that you actually did something.”

Sophomore Jayden Williams agrees with that sentiment. To him, it’s not necessarily about talent, but effort.  

“Anyone can be successful if you have motivation to push yourself forward,” he said.

There will always be obstacles in the way of you when you’re proceeding towards your goal. But don’t just ignore people when they are saying negative things about you because some of what they say might be facts about who you are. Just accept those facts so you can move on.

As junior Sebastian Wind noted, sometimes moving on “could be easier than you might think.”  

Maybe the challenges in your life are hard for you, but you’re just overthinking it. It’s good to have confidence but don’t be too overconfident about what you’re doing before you’ll regret something later.