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An Introduction to the New Karma Chronicle: The Workshop Edition

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This year, the Karma Chronicle has expanded from an elective offering to also include a twice-weekly workshop class between cores one and two. The following article is from two students in the workshop.

Hi, we’re two of the newest Karma Chronicle workshop students, Preston Moon and Reese Tsubota. We will be responsible for your school news and other media stories. We hope you will enjoy our pieces.

We are both ninth-grade students. Joining us in the workshop is Tadashi Kamiya from tenth grade; Blake Nuuanu from eleventh grade; and our veteran writer, senior Shala McKee.

Reese Tsubota (left) and Preston Moon pause for a photograph before class begins.

Preston chose this workshop because he likes to write and wants to try new classes. He was born in Florida and has moved to a lot of places because his family is in the military.

“I’ve been in Hawaii for a year and a half and I want contribute,” he said.

Reese, the youngest student in the workshop, came to PBA from Hongwanji Mission School. He is also in the workshop because of his interest in writing, although that is not his only hobby.

“I joined this class because I find it easy to write, and it helps me express my feelings,” he said. “Two things interesting about me is that I like to play the guitar and read.”

Tadashi is in his second year at PBA and this is his first year in the Karma Chronicle. Although he does not have any experience with journalism, he enjoys writing poems and making videos.

“I find myself making videos which I happened to figure out is much easier than figuring out a story,” he said.

Blake is also in his first year in the Karma Chronicle and is a puzzle-making and puzzle-solving enthusiast. He is bringing that skill to the newspaper with his regular series, Blake’s (sort of) Perplexing Puzzles.

The most veteran journalist is Shala, who has been taking this class as an elective for three years in a row. She originally joined the newspaper as a sophomore because her "best friend was in it,” but she has stayed with it because it has improved her writing.

Stay tuned for more stories from Preston and Reese as the cycle continues!