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My Springbreak Trip

Monday, April 23, 2018

My spring break started with an extensive trip to my bedroom. I am a homebody and don’t like to do activities that most teens my age would find fun so my first week was more than happily spent sleeping the day away. The next week, however, was a different story entirely.

Months ago I’d agreed to attending the Final Four. For those of you who don’t know, the Final Four is a culmination of March Madness, which is a 67-game tournament to be able to qualify for the Final Four. I’d completely forgotten about it during my everyday routine and come that week my mom told me to pack, which blindsided me as I thought I’d have another week to rest and relax in Casa de Brandon. The next thing I know I’m traveling 3,608 miles away to San Antonio.

We made a stop over in California before heading to San Antonio and a famous face was right behind me on that flight! Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley sat a row behind me! He was on his way to the Final Four as well because he is a commentator for CBS assigned to the games. I took a photo with him after the flight (see above).

The first thing I noticed in San Antonio was that everything was geared towards the Final Four, presumably because not much else goes on there that brings such a high concentration of tourists. The town wasn’t much to see but the main attraction was the next day.

My family and I went too early to the game in anticipation of the lines and had to wait for two hours in the stadium. The stadium was gigantic. Around 60-70 thousand people showed up to the game. The first matchup being between Loyola University Chicago and the University of Michigan. The game was close all the way. Personally I wanted Loyola to win but Moritz Wagner and the Wolverines came back from a 22-27 score at the half. The next game was spectacular -- not the competition because the game wasn’t close by any means, but being able to see Villanova shoot 3-pointers at such a high percentage. They shot 55.4 percent as a team!

I thought that the next day was decided, however, my father thought otherwise. The final day rolled around and, sure enough, Villanova outclassed Michigan to win the finals in a very one-sided game. Michigan, however, held their own defensively, but it was clear who the true winners were. The end score was 79-62.

My trip was far from over, however, as the next day I had to travel from San Antonio to Boston to meet with my sister and see where she has been living for the past year and a half. She is in Boston working for a program called City Year, a company that is very similar to Teach for America. In her job she works with underprivileged students in the ninth grade. During the trip she told me about her students and explained that they’d often tell her about their personal and home lives. Training for this job sounded extensive as they are told what to say in those kinds of situations. I was very surprised that my sister was doing such an important job being a mentor and a leader to these kids with a tough upbringing.

During this time she also showed us around her city. It was cold. I obviously am not accustomed to the cold being from Hawaii so this was a huge change for me. I had to dress in long pants and a heavy jacket. Oddly for this time of year, it was also snowing. This was actually the first time I’d seen snow aside from a trip when I was a year old, which I don’t count for obvious reasons. It was cool -- no pun intended -- for the first five minutes, but it became an annoyance after that.

Also, as if we hadn’t seen enough basketball, my family and I went to see the Boston Celtics play the Chicago . Unfortunately for us and the Celtics, star point guard Kyrie Irving, the only player I knew on either team, was hurt. Still, it was a fun game to see.

At the end of the trip we left my sister and headed off back to Hawaii. Twelve hours spent on a plane in total. As hard as it is for me to admit, I did enjoy my trip, however, being back in my own bed in my own room was the best feeling ever.