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Home New Building Final Stages: Landscape Installation

New Building Final Stages: Landscape Installation

Sunday, September 3, 2017

We thought it would be nice to give readers a landscape shot of the landscaping for the new building. Green space on both the Punchbowl and mauka sides of the building will provide a very nice space for students and school supporters to gather, participate in life sciences learning, and enjoy the elements. NanaWalls (walls that fully open to the exterior) will give students and teachers the opportunity to move fluidly from interior to exterior.

Adequate shading will take a while to achieve: trees need to mature, exterior furniture needs acquiring, and we will collaborate with students to design an aquaponics and garden system on the exterior that supports student investigations in microbiology and urban planning and design. But those are ventures to look forward to, made possible by the beautiful new facility we are weeks away from occupying!