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Odell Beckham Jr.: A First Hand Look

Monday, May 14, 2018

The one handed catch is an art form in football that gives receivers a competitive edge. Where a traditional catch utilizes both hands receivers may opt to use one hand when the other is handling a defender.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. arguably popularized this form of catching in the NFL with his one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys. This wasn’t an oddity whatsoever as he and former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry practiced such extravagant catches frequently.

Along with practice and skill, Beckham’s hand size is a major factor in how he can grip a ball with such ease. At ten inches long, Beckham has hands larger than other star wide receivers despite being shorter in height. A normal NFL regulation size ball has a circumference of twenty-two inches at the center, meaning that one of Beckham’s hands can go around nearly half the ball.

Beckham moments before a catch (photo credit: Daily Snark). 

While Beckham’s catch is his main claim to fame he also is a remarkable player who is able to compete with high caliber cornerbacks, such as Washington Redskins Pro Bowler Josh Norman. Before a game against Beckham, Norman and another assailant threatened him with a bat. Beckham didn’t appreciate the gesture and during the game their feud continued, resulting in numerous fights, one of which Beckham ran fifteen yards out and ran towards Norman, headbutting him in the head 

This display resulted in both players being fined and Beckham receiving a single game suspension. As a Beckham fan I felt that he was at fault as attempting to injure another player is unacceptable. However, threatening one another has no place in the sport whatsoever.

Aside from his on-the-field rivalry with Norman, Beckham has an easily triggered temper as well as extreme emotions. I do not agree with the way he expresses his emotions, whether it be hitting another player, swearing at a referee, yelling at his own teammates, and assaulting football equipment -- it just takes away from his exceptional ball skills. However, I feel that a certain intensity and emotional investment in the game is necessary for a good player to be great.

Being a player of such allure, he has garnered attention throughout the league. In his 2014 rookie season he was the Rookie of the Year, which is an award given to the highest performing player of that year’s draft class. He was also named All-Pro for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Such high honors calls for celebrating and with the league’s new rules concerning celebration, Beckham can perform as many touchdown dances his heart desires (given he makes the touchdown). Many of his individual performances have gone viral on the internet, drawing even more eyes to him.

Given Beckham’s rookie contract is nearing its end, I feel the Giants will need to assess his value as a team member and they will also need to take his on the field behavior into account.

It is important to be good at football, but to me it is equally as important to provide kids positive role models in their favorite NFL players. However, I know that the NFL puts business before morals and they don’t necessarily think about questionable characters over good players. I feel that as long as he continues to perform at the same high level he should get an extensive new contract. Nonetheless I do look forward to see where Beckham’s career takes him.