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One Step at a Time

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

If you were asked to name all the bad things in our world, the list would go on forever. Heartbreaking incidents on the daily news such as school shootings and useless conversations with those who don’t care about making a change are just some of the daily things that we have to put up with. Is this what humanity has come to?

We’re living in the twenty-first century and there’s still an ongoing battle against racism. Young adults are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, while mass shootings still appear on the news. Do we really have to be this cruel to each other?

There’s so much negativity in our world and it feels like it’s growing with every passing day. Hearing news about the prejudice against immigrants, the war in Iraq, and religious violence in places like Nigeria contributes to this hopeless feeling. It’s just a pit of emptiness and we’re falling. There are those who care about social issues such as poverty, racism, and gun violence. People dedicate their time to improve these issues but there are those who don’t care at all.

Many have lost themselves to the idea of not caring about anything unless it affects them personally. They’re oblivious to what’s going on around them, strolling through life never giving a second glance.

The problem is their mindsets. We usually think that whenever we share our idea it’ll just get lost in the sea we live in so it doesn’t matter if we say anything or not. Others fear of getting shut down and judged for their thoughts but we should be able to have places where people are comfortable enough to talk about how they feel.

                                                                                  Image by Gina Lau.

Any place could be transformed into an accepting environment by showing others how it’s a safe space where no judgement takes place and trust could be formed between group members. We should be able to trust others and show our vulnerability while discussing issues in our world.

If there were more discussions about the issues in our world, then more minds would be working on improving our society.

Change doesn’t happen itself, we have to make change happen. Those who are disconnected with the world will snap out of it one day and realize that they have the power to save lives and put an end to the horrible things happening in the society that we’re living in. They just have to take the first step.

If it wasn’t for those protesting against racism, fighting to end hunger and poverty, and pushing for a better society overall, we wouldn’t be living as comfortably as we are now. About 40.6 million people are below the poverty line and twelve percent of Americans say that racism is either a small problem or not a problem at all. Poverty and racism are only two examples of what people are enduring in their daily lives. The majority of the people in the world are living a better life compared to others but those suffering deserve a good life as well. This imbalance has been going on for a while and these problems haven’t been solved yet since not enough people are aware of what’s happening and how they could help.

You have a voice, use it. You’re capable of making someone’s day and to make a better society for not only yourself but for future generations. There are many opportunities out there such as local volunteer work and organizations like UNICEF and CARE that want to make a positive change in people’s lives globally. You could even form your own safe space or group that not only discusses social issues but contributes to making a change either big or small. You just have to make the decision of taking action.

Everyone deserves genuine happiness. It could easily be gained and spread around with others. By bringing awareness to an issue, supporting an organization, or forming your own group that takes action towards social issues you can make a difference. It may take a while to create this ideal world but it’s not completely impossible -- it just takes one small step at a time and an open mind.