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PBA Food Wars

Friday, February 15, 2019

For most students at PBA, lunch is probably what we all look forward to during the school day.  During lunch you can hang out with your friends, take a break from school work and EAT!

At PBA, we have two lunch providers: 1132 Cafe and Bangkok Chef. It seems that the majority of the students enjoy both caterers but only a few seem to actually enjoy their lunch. Why is that? Could it be the short amount of time we are given to eat or is it the food? It could be both, but seeing all the leftover food that is thrown away after lunch in the trash, it is probably safe to say that it is the food.  

A shoyu chicken plate lunch from 1132 Cafe.

Recently, a survey was sent out asking students for their opinions on the lunch services provided by the school. It asked questions like prefered food caterer options, ratings, and what days of the week students usually order. The food options that were offered was 1132 Cafe; Bangkok Chef; the corner store down the street; and PBA Cafe, which is a student workshop led by Ms. Debbie.

In the results only 27 percent of the student body responded, but of those 27 percent the majority prefered Bangkok Chef over 1132 Cafe. Though the amount of feedback was limited, Ms. Debbie also reassured us that only 25 students on average order school lunch. This also adds to the big question as to why so many students prefer to take home lunch, buy lunch, or not eat anything at all.  

Head of school Josh Hernandez Morse said that he enjoys both lunch providers but believes that there are pros and cons for each one.

Bangkok Chef, he noted, is “a hot meal, portions are big, not deli style and it’s cheaper.” However, he also mentioned that students may Bangkok Chef to 1132 Cafe because it is newer and only started providing lunch to PBA this school year.  

Mrs. Debbie shared similar thoughts about 1132 Cafe.

“I think they get tired of it or bored of it,” she said.

Feedback from the staff is important, but it is equally as important to know what the students actually feel. Senior Evelyn Wong doesn’t order lunch as often as others, but she still has strong opinions on both lunch providers.

“I think that the reason why more students like Bangkok Chef is because of the fact that it is new, cheap, and they have a good variety of food to choose from, as opposed to 1132 Cafe, where the majority of the students are probably tired of it and the price is higher,” she said.  

Junior Alex Harman, who was in charge of distributing lunch to students earlier this school year, also noticed that more students order Bangkok Chef than 1132 Cafe. She shares similar preferences with the student population as she too favors Bangkok Chef over 1132 Cafe.  

Since everyone seem to be leaning more toward Bangkok Chef, I think that it is safe to say that the winner of this battle is Bangkok Chef, at least for now. However, it could be argued that Bangkok Chef’s menu is always the same which could lose the students’ interests in time and no matter who the lunch provider is, someone will always either like or dislike it.