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Gratitude & Sangha

Gratitude is central to Pacific Buddhist Academy's notion of peace practice. Founding Head of School Pieper Toyama often observed to students that "when you focus on the things for which you are truly grateful, you cannot help but feel happy." Student happiness is very important to PBA's learning program.

The word "sangha" means community in Pali and Sanskrit, the ancient languages of many Buddhist texts from India, and at PBA, we use the term liberally to describe our learning community. Sangha also connotes the notion of a collective dedicated to the same goals. 

Gratitude itself is one of the practices of the school. At the end of the school day, students and teachers clean the school facilities together as an expression of gratitude for the support of their learning the place of the school provides for them. We also recognize the precious gift of the countless causes and conditions that made possible our time together in the school, and the unrepeatable moments that make up the gift of our days. So long as we maintain focus on the reasons for gratitude, the PBA sangha remains bright and strong, and capable of achieving our mission.