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It is the philosophy of Pacific Buddhist Academy Athletics to provide high quality sports programs in a nurturing environment. We seek to develop the young person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We value athletics and view them as an integral part of a child’s overall development and education.

Additionally, we believe that athletics can teach positive values, build self-confidence and promote a respect for others. We encourage student athletes to give their best effort for each practice and competition as an expression of gratitude for their teammates, coach, and opponent. We stress the value of teamwork and teach that good sportsmanship and individual and team development supersede winning. We also believe that winning without honor or integrity is not truly winning. 

PBA is a member of the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) and Pac-Five Athletics. Pac-Five gives students from small schools like PBA the opportunity to participate in a wide array of sports such as football and soccer, baseball and softball, wrestling and judo, swimming and water polo and track and field. PBA adheres to all ILH and HHSAA rules and policies, including those regarding recruitment and inducement of prospective student athletes.

PBA sports offerings fall into 3 categories: stand-alone teams, combination teams, and PAC-Five teams. PBA stand-alone teams include Boys and Girls Bowling, Boys and Girls Cross Country and Boys and Girls Golf.  We combine with Assets School for boys basketball and St. Andrews Priory for girls. And we participate with Pac-Five Athletics in all other sports.

Navigate to the Sports Seasons page for a view of available sports by season. To view the most updated schedule for any ILH sport go to the ILH website and look for "ILH Schedules – Click on Sport" in the bottom right corner.