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At PBA, all of our school clubs and activities originate from the interests of the students, whether it is forming a cooking club or coordinating a debate team. While faculty and staff serve as advisers, it is ultimately the students who turn their excitement into tangible extracurricular endeavors.

After School Tutorials

Tuesday / Thursday after school

Adviser: Bethany Yoshimura

Buddhist Cooking Club

Fridays after school

Advisers: Alan Kubota and Liane Viloria

Debate Club

Fridays during lunch

Advisers: Dr. Benjamin Bruch and Steven James

F.E.A.R. (Fighting Effectively Against Racism)

Mondays during lunch

Advisers: Loren Otake, Joe Udell

Gaming Club

Wednesdays after school

Adviser: Steven James

Global Initiatives Network (GIN)

Tuesdays during lunch

Advisers: Loren Otake, Joe Udell, and Van Velasco