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Hyaku Sen Ki Kai Taiko

Although some high schools in Japan and the continental United States have taiko programs, PBA boasts the first, if not only, comprehensive high school taiko program in the state of Hawai‘i. Hyaku Sen Ki Kai Taiko is the name given to the group by one of the founding fathers of the school, Reverend Chikai Yosemori. The name poetically translates to "one hundred rivers, flowing to the sea.”

All freshmen are required to take Beginning Taiko where they are introduced to the history and etiquette of this ancient art form as well as the basic vernacular used by drummers.  More importantly, through learning how to play the instrument, students experience first hand some of the fundamental Buddhist principles taught in school. Among these are interdependence, compassion and the impermanence of all worldly phenomena.

After completing the Beginning Taiko course, students are afforded the opportunity to audition and continue on into the Performance Taiko class as an elective. There, in addition to their taiko skills, they learn to take on the responsibility of managerial skills as they plan, organize and staff various performances in venues across the state. As these individuals become increasingly knowledgeable and skilled in their craft, they absorb meaningful life lessons, ultimately becoming self-confident, self-disciplined, physically fit, mature ambassadors for the school. With each beat of the drum, they forget about their daily routines and embrace the happiness and delight in life that comes from the appreciation of each precious moment.

Hyaku Sen Ki Kai Taiko is available to perform for special events. Click here if you would like to schedule a performance.

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