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Transition to College

Friday, August 25, 2017

This time of year is bittersweet as we say farewell to our recently graduated students and wish them well on their exciting adventures as college students. Most students embark on this journey with their families as they help students move into their new living quarters. Class of 2017 alumna Chika Matsumoto is fortunate that her university offers a transition program for Hawaii students that will ease her acclimatization to the college environment. The Hawaii Club at Pacific University arranges airfare for all incoming freshmen to travel on the same flight. It also provides transportation from the airport to the school. Once settled in, the club makes arrangements to transport students to a local Target or Fred Meyer's to shop for dorm items such as bedding, towels, and other necessities. 

PBA Class of 2014 alumna and Pacific University senior Kelcie Miyakawa is Chika's mentor. She is tasked with helping Chika feel comfortable and guiding her through the move-in process. Admissions Officer Jeff Grundon (affectionately known as "Uncle Jeff") recently contacted PBA to report on Chika's progress: "I am very excited about Chika coming to Pacific this year and I know she's going to be an awesome addition to our 'Ohana," he enthused. "I'm so happy to hear that Kelcie will be her mentor. I know she will do a great job helping her settle in at Pacific." The Hawaii 'Ohana is everywhere. It is nice to know that the PBA 'Ohana is spreading far and wide also, and to know that Chika will be nurtured and supported at her new home.