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We Are Not Safe

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The following poem is the second in a three-part series by senior Emily Ross on topics that have impacted her final semester at PBA.

We Are Not Safe

In our home country

Instead of Benevolence

and Purity

the Blue and White

are our tears

and the color of the people

that showered us

in Zyklon B(enevolence)

and Aryan Purity

We Are Not Safe

In our shops

In our bakeries

Challah rising

like antisemitism

in America

and France

and Germany

We Are Not Safe

In our places of worship

Police line the perimeter

Bomb squads eye the scene

Metal Detectors force us to


our Magen David

in case the six points

of the star

are mistaken for


Threatening Humanity

and Existence

We Are Not Safe


Resting unpeacefully

Because our graves are being




In Philadelphia

New York


We Are Not Safe